I started using Stripes for work and side projects a while back and have been impressed with its simplicity. Their Javadoc documentation is solid, but finding workable examples is tough. There’s a great book by Freddie Daoud that walks through creating an application, but it only goes so far. I spent too much time Googling for the proper place for persistence.xml, for example.

Lately I’ve had occasions in troubleshooting behavior where it would be beneficial to back out to a dead simple project to test how something should work. At the same time, I wanted to learn how to write tests. Finally, I’ve been underwhelmed with Ant and wanted to investigate alternatives. These are difficult to do with established projects, so I’ve created a repository on Github for a reference project. Actually a couple reference projects as different branches. I’ve used Gradle as the build tool and TestNG as the testing framework.

master is as simple a Stripes project as you can get. An action bean returning a jsp. Includes a very simple test.

custom_context is only slightly more complicated and adds a custom ActionBeanContext. Also includes a simple test.

stripersist will demonstrate using stripersist with Hibernate 4 for persistence.

stripes-security will build on the stripersist branch and add authentication and authorization.

I’ll be adding tests to all of these as I learn how to write (hopfully) effective unit tests.

As with most things on this site, this is mostly for my own reference, but hopefully this will help others learn as well.

Feel free to submit pull requests if you see something I could be doing better, or if you have ideas of other techniques or configurations you’d like to see.