Tue, Feb 11, 2014
I started using Stripes for work and side projects a while back and have been impressed with its simplicity. Their Javadoc documentation is solid, but finding workable examples is tough. There’s a great book by Freddie Daoud that walks through creating an application, but it only goes so far. I spent too much time Googling for the proper place for persistence.xml, for example. Lately I’ve had occasions in troubleshooting behavior where it would be beneficial to back out to a dead simple project to test how something should work.

Sun, Feb 9, 2014
I run into this every few weeks - how do you format a date / time in Java? I can never remember exactly and have a hard time finding it via search. So I’ve put it here for my reference. Hopefully it helps someone else as well. | Letter |Date or Time component | Presentation | Examples | |———-|—————————————————————-|——————|———————–| | G | Era designator | Text | AD | |